August Sander/ Menschen des 20. Jahrhunderts

Art Behind The Wall: “Please pay your entrance fee.”

Pierre Molinier/ I is another.

Bruce Nauman/ Raw Material With Continuous Shift MMMM

Dirk Braeckman/ The poesy of nowhere land.

Jochen Lempert/ Dust in the wind.

Boris Mihailov: “Wenn ich ein Deutscher wäre…”

Dagmar Keller & Martin Wittwer/ Passengers

Eva Leitolf/ Postcards from Europe

Arnold Odermatt/ Crashing beauty.

Lotte Reiniger: The Adventures of Prince Achmed. Act 1

Loretta Lux/ Hello emptiness.

Sigmar Polke/ 1941-2010

Louise Bourgeois

August Sander/ People of the 20th Century

Jitka Hanzlova/ Rokytnik

Boris Mikhailov/ Dance 2

Boris Mikhailov/ Dance 1

Whetting the Scythe

“Images from Real Life.”